Sudoku Infinite

The universal Sudoku for iPhone and iPad

Version 2.0.1

iOS 3.1 Required

Available in the app store

No limit with Sudoku Infinite

Sudoku Infinite is an awesome app that allows you to play on an unlimited amount of grids! There's no risk to get twice the same grid since they are randomly generated. The application isn't provided with a limited amount of grids, for one reason: it can create them from scratch whenever you want to play.

Everything you need

  • Random generation of grids
  • Play without Internet connection
  • Save and resume automatically the game in progress (you won't lose your game because of a phone call, for instance)
  • Grid solver for current game or magazines
  • Grid check : you will know in a click if you're on the right track or if you made a mistake
  • Rapid picker for numbers (iPad)
  • Note function

Choose your Difficulty level

Three levels of difficulty are at your disposal. Whenever you need it, you can check the game to be sure you didn't make any mistake. And if you can't find a solution to our hardest grids, no worries: our solver will show you the completed grid! You won't be frustrated anymore.

On all your iPod Touch or iPhone

Sudoku Infinite is a Universal app that you can run on all your devices.. Download it once from the AppStore and use it everywere on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

  • Main menu
  • Game screen
  • When paused
  • High Scores

On your iPad

With the big screen of your iPad, Sudoku Infinite is even better. A new revolutionary input wheel is used to set the numbers on the grid. Simply touch the cell you want, the wheel just appear around your finger. Drag your finger on the number you want, and the number is automatically inserted into the cell. Really fast and simple! And with the multitouch, you can also play with friends on the same grid and input your numbers simultaneously!

  • Menu and game screen
  • High Scores and game
  • Magazine solver screen